Electric Mountain biking in Gran Canaria

Electric Mountainbiking in Gran Canaria

With almost always blue skies, Gran Canaria is a paradise for winter biking. Although the island is already famous for good road biking, it is not so known for its really good mountain biking. With its high mountains, it’s perfect to get the most out of electric mountain biking in Gran Canaria too. Let us guide you over these fantastic trails. We can organize the perfect mountain biking holiday for you so that you only need to enjoy it, while we take care of everything else.

Why E-MTB instead of MTB?

Since the highest point of Gran Canaria is at 1943m high there are many options. On a regular MTB, it can soon feel like a proper training camp if you don’t want to be in a shuttle all the time. But on E-MTB that climbing isn’t that bad at all, its fun! If you’re fit enough we can easily add some more challenging climbs that you can only conquer on E-MTB! So? What’s keeping you from getting the best E-MTB experience? Come ride with us!

Our experiences

Crossing Gran Canaria

E-MTB only

Crossing Gran Canaria on E-MTB from the east side over the highest peak “Pico de las Nieves” all the way down to the northwest. We are spending 2 nights in 3 different locations while luggage follows. This is true immersing into local Gran Canaria to discover something very different than the south. And this while biking on the best trails.

Gran Canaria Sunny South
(3n/4d or 6n/7d)


Sunny South is a flexible package with 1 accommodation in the south and possible on E-MTB or MTB. The guide chooses the perfect tours depending on the skill level and the weather conditions. Perfect for when you just prefer to stay in 1 location only or also for couples that aren’t both (always) biking. We offer this package for 3 nights or for 6 nights.

A picture says more then a thousand words…

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